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Dancers Dreamzzz

Welcome to Dancers Dreamzzz where we offer dance lessons for children/teens

Dance classes for children and teens in Salsa/Mambo On2, Bachata, Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap and Jazz

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Dancers Dreamzzz was founded by Debbie MelendeWeopportunityMelendeWeopportunityzz in December of 2000 with the help of Fred Parra owner of Pas-son Martial Arts and since then Dancers Dreamzzz has flourished from 25 attendees to over a hundred students ages 3 and older.

Our ten month program (September-June) consists of children & teens introduction to the concept of basic movements/steps, awareness of music and rhythm, coordination, corrective posture and flexibility as well as allows the children to develop self-discipline and leadership skills.  

Our year ends with our annual recital where you will have the privilege of seeing your child perform the routine(s) they were taught in the ten (10) month program.  

We are currently offering classes in Salsa/Mambo On2, Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Bachata.

We give beginner to advanced students an opportunity to perform by showcasing all of our classes. We feel everyone deserves the chance to perform regardless of their level of expertise in dance.

We are currently accepting enrollment for our 2018-2019 season. Register now!

what your child would like about us

Our students look forward to performing at various venues like Great Adventure Dance Festival, the 5th Ave Puerto Rican Day Parade, Walt Disney World, Salsa Festivals/Congresses and a chance to travel performing through-out the Tri-State area, the United States and abroad. 

Factor that sets us apart from the rest

Our creative reward system is another factor that sets Dancers Dreamzzz apart from the rest. We ask the children to bring in their report cards so that the student with the highest English or Math grades get acknowledgement at our annual "White Gala" award ceremony. Achievement awards are granted to students who show the most improvement in their dance class within a years span.

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Dancers Dreamzzz

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